Love and fashion are in the air

We typically think of our style being influenced by Hollywood A-listers, the shows at New York Fashion Week and editorial photos on Pinterest and in magazines. It may come as a surprise, though, how those we love most and are closest to affect the way we dress in ways both subtle and bold. Whether it’s picking out new shoes for each other or stealing the worn out T-shirt that smells like them from their closet, friends, family and significant others inspire us to be ourselves and open our eyes to clothing combos we would have never thought of on our own. This Valentine’s Day we interviewed pairs that complement each other in more ways than one.

Jocelyn B. and Eric L.58

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Eric: I thought she was really young to be hanging out at my house. She was hanging out with my roommate and she looked really young to me. I had just gotten back from the bars, so I was really drunk, and they were hanging out and I was like, “Wow, that’s interesting.” But that was my first impression. I was really drunk, so there wasn’t a lot of thinking going on.

Jocelyn: I thought he was cute and a little weird. I think he was just as confused by my presence as I was by his. He was also loud. The idea that we would ever end up dating for a year and half now never crossed my mind.


How would you describe each other’s style?

Jocelyn: I think you’re very stylish, and you’re very cool too. It’s probably because you’re from Portland and you have like a different level of style than I ever did when I was coming from my hometown.

Eric: Not clean, but very…

Jocelyn: I’ve been through a lot of style phases.

Eric: It’s kind of all over the place. It’s just very eclectic, a collection of whatever she likes. And there’s definitely a thrift-y look. It looks like it’s a patchwork outfit, but her outfits definitely come together a lot better than that.

65 Have each of your individual styles influence each other and how so?

Jocelyn: He makes me want to be so much cooler. If it was really just up to me, I don’t know how hard I would try at all.

Eric: I don’t know about her influencing my style as much as I’ve influenced her style. I love shopping a lot, and I love picking out clothes for her, so I don’t know, it definitely feels like maybe it’s a one way thing. I love shopping, so if I see something that’s cute, she usually likes it, and it works out pretty well.

Jocelyn: I trust him.

Katherine D. and Jessica L.33

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Katherine: Honest first impression… I was like, “She’s too cool for me.” She had these fun glasses and I was just like… “I don’t think that I am at that level.”

Jessica: I think we both don’t really remember when we first met, but now that we live together, it’s all mushy and it’s all just a blur. I definitely do remember just thinking, “Oh, Katherine definitely has her life together. She’s always coming and going. She’s always in a good mood.” And she’s a great storyteller.


What does a get-together look like for the two of you?

Jessica: So, in the sorority house there’s a lot of us, and most of us are always coming and going, so we’re always meeting up in the kitchen. Not meeting up, but having to cross paths. And that’s when Katherine and I feel we are most together because everyone’s always sharing stories in the kitchen all the time. That’s where we thrive.

Katherine: Yeah, unless it’s midterms or finals and you really need to go to the library, the kitchen at night is the quiet space to do homework. A few nights ago, Jess and I were both working on video projects in the kitchen, and just every few minutes both of us would be like, “Ugh! I hate this!” or “Oh, this is so fun!” So the kitchen is a little quiet space during the night.

Jessica: But it’s also a center of the hustle and bustle of everyone’s lives.


Have each of your individual styles influenced each other?

Jessica: I think they’re starting to. Because I’m starting to get a grasp of her style, and I’m getting jealous of it, so I’m probably gonna start looking into the flowy pants.

Katherine: Last night, your style definitely influenced me! I wanted to wear my hair up because I was going to be warm when we get to the little party that we went to, but I put little pieces down in front of my face ,and I thought, “Oh, I’m Jess.” And then sometimes I’ll do like leggings and a chunky sweater and try to pull off the Jess look.

Jessica: It’s just pure comfort. That’s why I love it so much!

Katherine: So I think you’re influencing me, and we’re getting more and more…

Jessica: The perfect word is fun. Honestly, having this interview makes me realize how much style makes me feel, like how other people’s style makes me feel emotionally and mentally inside. Her style makes me feel good. It’s just like, a good style.

Miranda E. and Jamie R._DSC5645.jpg

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Miranda: Jamie and I met at our friend’s Bat Mitzvah party that she had in college. And when we got to talking, we were just in the right place at the right time. My first impression of her was “Wow this girl has so many different interests that I relate to and she’s so fascinating in that way” because I just felt Jamie hit all the right points that I care about in a first conversation. So after that, I was very interested and happy about the conversation that we had. And I kind of felt that she was into film in a weird way because we talked about Rooney Mara and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” which is so important to me. I knew she was a cool person.

Jamie: I have a different perspective. So we had a lot of mutual friends, and one of my good friends back in the day really didn’t like Miranda. I had never actually met Miranda, so I thought “Miranda probably sucks. I won’t like her at all.”  At this Bat Mitzvah as soon as I started talking to her, I realized my friend was so wrong. We literally talked all night. I didn’t want to stop talking to her. After that, I knew. It was just an immediate thing. I don’t know how to describe it. The conversation kept going, and I never wanted it to stop and eight months later, it hasn’t stopped. 


How would you describe each other’s styles?

Miranda: So I have a perfect description of Jamie’s style. And it is Parisian, minimalistic chic. Jamie loves just doing neutral colors, and she loves stripes and her little denim jacket, and she just looks very chic and fashion forward. I like it.

Jamie: Miranda’s very cool. It’s not super feminine, but it’s not super masculine either. It’s kind of in-between, and she wears a lot more color than I do. She likes color a lot and jewelry. She’s a lot more daring with her style, I would say.


What item  of clothing symbolizes them for you?

Miranda: In our first two months of dating each other, I went to Canada and Israel. And then immediately after that, Jamie was studying abroad for four months in France. So we did a lot of long distance in the beginning of our relationship. I wear a Hamsa opal necklace from Israel every single day, and I’ve done it since the beginning of high school. When I went to Israel, I knew I wanted to bring something back that was similar and would kind of keep us connected and tie us together. So I knew Israel had different opal shapes because I didn’t want to enforce spirituality, like a Hamsa, on my girlfriend, but I wanted something sacred between the two of us, so I got her the same exact stone, but in a heart shape. I brought it back from Israel and before she left to France, I gave it to her. We’ve been wearing it together ever since. But other than things I’ve given her, her denim jacket is so her. She loves stripes. That’s just very her style.

Jamie: For her, it’s probably the necklace too. I think that’s the first thing I think because of the connection and everything. But besides that, this is big too, her denim jacket because it has a bunch of meaning to her. And her backwards hats. She has so many backwards hats.

Katy L. and Colleen F. 26

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Colleen: I knew Katy’s cousin before I knew her, and my mom was like, “Oh! That’s Emily Rose’s cousin,” and she was pointing you out to me, and I was like, “Cool.” And then our moms forced us to be friends, in a good way though.

Katy: Honestly that’s how it went down. Very long ago.


How would you describe each other’s style?

Colleen: We are complete opposites.

Katy: Colleen is so much more preppy and loves Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer and stuff like that.

Colleen: Katy wears a lot of denim jackets and band T-shirts.

Katy: Band T-shirts are a big part of my wardrobe. Yeah you wear a lot of UGGs.

Colleen: I do…I wear a lot of UGGs. Katy wears her Dr. Martens.

Katy: I do wear my Docs a lot.

Colleen: Which I don’t do. We’re very opposite but can appreciate each other’s style. I like that outfit, and I would never wear it, but it’s perfect for you.


Has each of your individual styles influenced each other?

Colleen: I think so.

Katy: Yes, definitely.

Colleen: I think I’ve worn some things that I probably wouldn’t have because of Katy.

Katy: I think for me, it was more along the lines of accessories. She’s made me look at Kate Spade wallets, and I did do that because of her.

Jake P. and Francesca C._dsc5392

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Jake: Well we met on Tinder, which is really funny. In person, meeting was pretty cool because we met right in front of Jaqua, and she took me to a slam poetry competition. That was super cool, and I was just blown away.

Francesca: I remember getting lost because I couldn’t find his dorm, and then I was walking, and I crossed the street, and I saw him leaning against the light. He had this outfit with his Chelseas on, and I thought, “No way.”

Jake: And I was just excited to see what you were wearing. I think you were wearing those shoes. But it was pretty cool. I hadn’t seen her, and I got to talk to her a lot on Tinder, and I thought, “She is just as funny in person.”


Do you have pet peeves about each other’s style?

Jake: I don’t know. I really dig your style, and I always have.

Francesca: When you put on the Jim Morrison pants.

Jake: Skinny leather.

Francesca: I hated that.

Jake: I took a pair of her leather jeggings because she used to have them, and I said, “I need those.”


What item of clothing symbolizes the other one?

Jake: It’s that jacket because you wore that on our first date and then to the Eugene Country Fair, and you let me wear it all the time. To the Fair, it was a Mac DeMarco outfit. We were going for the hippy vibes, so she let me borrow the jacket. It’s definitely that jacket or the flannel.

Francesca: Mine is the Led Zeppelin T-shirt that you sent to me. I moved to Pittsburgh, and I was really really homesick and just not doing well there. I have family out there. And I came home from a really horrible day, and there was a package on my front door, and it had a bunch of stuff from him. It had letters, three shirts, some candy. It was just what I needed.

Hannah S. F. and Frannie M.

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Frannie: Well I remember you because you were eating lunch with Adam, my boyfriend, the first day of college. I think I noticed your glasses first because they’re very distinctive. I thought, “Oh she looks cool. She’s probably from Portland.” I was generally annoyed because it was Adam and like 15 girls sitting at the same table. But you seemed cool. They other ones, they were all basic.

Hannah: I remember thinking you were really cool. I remember because you were blonde, I thought, “Oh this girl she’s a freshman, and she lives off campus. She’s blonde. There’s something to that.”

Frannie: What does being blonde have to do with that?

Hannah: I don’t know man. I just knew there had to be more to you.


How would you describe each other’s style?

Frannie: You’re like the total opposite of me. We’ve actually had this conversation where I’ve heard you say that you don’t care about being uncomfortable as long as you feel you look good, whereas I’m so the opposite. You just don’t really care, and you wear whatever you want, and I respect that I guess. You always look different every single day. I can’t describe your style for one time because it’s different all the time.

Hannah: You’re style is always so centered on the work that you’re going to do. Not in a bad way, but you fit in with your environment in a way that I think makes people comfortable and just looks very natural. But at the same time, there’s always an element of looking put together and looking like yourself even if you’re fitting in with an environment. Also, if I saw something at a store, I’d know if you’d wear it or not. You have that sort of style.


What article of clothing symbolizes the other person?

Frannie: I don’t know man. It’s your glasses I think. That was the first thing I noticed about you, and they’re just so different. You have other glasses that you wear more now, but I think the red glasses are always going to be what sticks in my mind when I think about Hannah. That was the first thing that I noticed about you the first time I saw you. They just look good on you. Someone sees you wearing the glasses and they automatically know what kind of person you are.

Hannah: I would say for you, the item of clothing that symbolises you the most is your Birkenstocks, but I would say it’s your white pair. Because I think that’s sort of your style. It’s something you would expect, but there’s some element that’s a little unexpected that makes it interesting.

Frannie: My seven pairs of Birkenstocks.

Kendra S. and Dagny D.

What was your honest first impression of each other?

Kendra: We remember when we first saw each other, right before we met. Because I remember Dagny wearing these amazing, flattering bell-bottom jeans and this burnt orange sweater, and she just looked so cool. And I didn’t even work up talking to her for a few weeks!

Dagny: Yeah and I had seen Kendra, and she still had her blue hair, so I was thinking, “That is the coolest girl I’ve ever seen in my life.” So yeah, then we were buds.


How would you describe each other’s style?

Dagny: Kendra is cool; Kendra is just so cool. Every article of clothing she has is just good and cool. I don’t know how to describe…you look like a Portlander, but better. It’s not like someone looks at you and says, “Ew, it’s a Portlander,” like you just look classy.

Kendra: Dagny really communicates personality with her clothes. *Dagny laughs*. She has the best collection of fun band T-shirts and dad T-shirts, but she is also hot, so it really works. Because when you can be hot with that, it’s like a hot dad and no one doesn’t like that, you know?


Is there a style phase that each of you went through that you regret?

Dagny: Well I feel like middle school is just bad for everybody. I just wore a lot of colored jeans that I wish I hadn’t had worn. And I shaved the sides of my head. which I also wish I hadn’t done.

Kendra: I definitely spent all of my money at Wet Seal, which is pretty bad, and I remember distinctly I bought a shirt that said “Lean like a Churro,” and I didn’t get what it was saying. I wore it out and wore it to school for my free dress days, and no one called me out on it. I liked pairing things with basketball shorts from Fred Meyer. That’s generally what I did.

Photos: @HSteinkopfFrank and @mirandwa

Words: @melissaepifano

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