Dressed Up Ducks Takes “Gays in Space”

Saturday night, the University of Oregon’s annual drag show sponsored by LGBTQA3 returned for an evening full of dynamic performances. Local superstars Facisha Farce and Karress Ann Slaughter hosted the event in the University’s Erb Memorial Union. Community members danced and sang in front of a packed crowd. Cleary, self-expression was all around.


The cast and crew gave their all to the audience, performing and dazzling for over two hours.


Facisha Farce accompanied last year’s host, Karress Ann Slaughter, as a new co-host, adding more personality to the night.



Slaughter upped her own game, both with humorous commentary and dance skills.

When asked about her experiences with drag, Slaughter said, “The best part is everybody that’s here. It sound cheesy to say, but without the people who come, there would be no energy for us to feed off of, and that’s the best thing about it, because if they’re having a good time, that’s what makes me have a good time. And I just love the fact that I can say anything on the mic. So that’s my favorite part: It’s just the people. When you hear that screaming, it just feeds your soul to be able to perform.”

The hosts weren’t the only ones who brought their top game. Other performers pushed the envelope as well, making the night one to remember.







The spectators too expressed themselves through clothing that matched the energy of the performers.





img_0299Miriam Thielman, a Glitter Gang member and event organizer, said the show is important “because it gives the community a chance to turn out, and it also gives allies a chance to show their support. Especially now, it’s really important to have spaces that are so obviously inclusive and areas where people can just let their hair down and feel safe being who they are.”


Words and photos by Kendra Siebert, @kendraesiebert

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