Maddie P.

Name: Maddie P.

Major: Undeclared

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

maddiep_dressedupducks20170205_01_1Maddie pairs ripped Garage jeans with a Brandy Melville ringer tee and jacket. She found her belt at a garage sale.

Are there any areas that you’re interested in studying? A big passion of mine is traveling, so any area of study that involves culture and language would definitely be something I would be interested in. I’m also really into music and film and would love to explore those more too.

What are your favorite places to shop for clothes and accessories? I get most of my clothes from PacSun, H&M and Topshop. I like Topshop jeans. I am also a pretty big fan of the Brandy Melville aesthetic because it’s simple but looks really good. They all have a sort of careless and simplistic vibe to their style. They’re both minimalistic and edgy, two words I would definitely use to describe my style.

maddiep_dressedupducks20170205_02_1Her necklace is from Forever 21.

What is your favorite part of your outfit? I would say the jacket. And I love rings. I never take them off. I take every other piece of jewelry off, but I always keep my rings on. I used to do Irish dance and got these rings at dance competitions. They have a Celtic influence.maddiep_dressedupducks20170205_04_1Maddie wears suede Nike sneakers.

What are the biggest influences on your style? I take a lot of inspiration from people I see who stand out. I feel like a lot of people wear the same things. At least in college, everyone pretty much wears workout gear constantly. When someone isn’t, I notice them. I definitely gravitate towards pieces that catch my eye and that fit my style, but at the same time are out of my comfort zone. I typically look for a lot of denim, ringer tees, flannels and anything that has that vintage feel to it.

maddiep_dressedupducks20170205_03_1She loves the Celtic influence of her rings because they remind her of her Irish dancing days.

Has living in Eugene and going to UO influenced your style at all?I would say so because a lot of people here wear similar things. It’s kind of a hipster town. I would say a lot more people here wear things that are kind of out there.

maddiep_dressedupducks20170205_05_1Maddie found her silver hoops on Amazon.

How would you describe your personal style in general? I don’t even know how to describe it, but I would say my typical outfit is black ripped jeans, sneakers, a ringer tee and a flannel or denim jacket.


Words and photos by Katy Larson, @_katylarson.

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