Name: Harper W.

Major: Linguistics

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Harper pairs a tan corduroy skirt with a black turtleneck and finishes the look with a fitted blazer.

What inspired your outfit today? I wanted to wear something that is typical for me. I wear turtlenecks pretty often and like to dress up towards the end of the week, so I decided to wear this skirt. I’m really inspired by a character from this Norwegian TV show called “Skam” I’ve been watching.

What influences do you draw from the character? The character’s name is Noora, and she always wears bright lipstick, turtlenecks and coats. I’ve been trying to channel her a lot lately.


Her shoes are from the Goodwill, and her tights are from a play she was in during high school.

How does fashion influence your everyday life? I really try to say something about what I like in my everyday life through my outfits. For example, this necklace is from the Book of Kells. I’m really inspired by Irish art and mythology. Overall, I just try to look like someone you could have an interesting conversation with.

It seems like different cultures influence your style a lot. Are there any cultures that interest you that you want to learn more about? I study Arabic, so I’ve been learning about the many different cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. I’d like to learn more about fashion in Arab society! I’m continually impressed by “hijabi fashion” – Muslim women who create beautiful outfits around their hijabs that are both modest and elegant.


Has your style evolved over time? It definitely has. Early in high school, I wore a lot of men’s clothes and had really short hair, but recently I’ve been more feminine. I like to leave myself open to different possibilities and listen to how I feel and want by not limiting myself.

Is the rainy weather a determining factor for how you dress? I don’t like the rain. I only have one rain coat, and it’s really ugly and ends up covering my whole outfit, but there’s not much I can do about it.

What advice would you give someone about dressing for Pacific Northwest weather? Always wear layers, and have good waterproof boots! Having warm, dry feet is essential to managing the rain. Wool socks are also a must for me in the winter!


Harper’s hat from H&M tops off her look.

What is your favorite part of your outfit? I really like my shoes. I found them at Goodwill, and I wear them every single day. It was a miracle finding them because they fit perfectly.


How do you see your style changing in the future? I hope my style will become a little more laid-back in the future. Sometimes I think I “dress to impress” a little too often and don’t feel comfortable in more casual clothes. I think that will come with age and being more confident in my appearance.


Words and photos by Brooke Harman, @brooke_harman


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