Name: Christian P.

Majors: Media Studies

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Austin, Texas


All of Christian’s outfit is thrifted except for his jacket, which is from American Apparel.

What inspired your outfit today? I like to think every day I’m in a film, so today I was very inspired by a film set in the ’70s. There’s a specific moment in “Velvet Goldmine,” a film about glam rock stars, where Christian Bale is walking down the street, and I think David Bowie music is playing in the background. I just want people see me as if I’m walking out of a film.

What kind of films are you inspired by? I’m typically very inspired by more stylistic films like [those by] Xavier Dolan, who is a new wave queer cinema French director. He’s very artsy and aesthetic-based. I also like Sofia Coppola because she makes very simplistic yet incredibly detail-oriented films. Of course, then there’s also sci-fi films like “Star Wars” or just classic films like “The Godfather” that are more basic, but I still like.

What’s your favorite film? My favorite film is “My Own Private Idaho” with River Phoenix. He’s my favorite character that I draw inspiration from. It’s ironic because he’s a street hustler, so you wouldn’t expect him to have style, but he’s walking around in all these great clothes.


Christian’s loafers are a staple in his wardrobe.

Comfort or Style? Comfort… actually no. I lied. I always say style: Form over function.

Where do you get most of your clothes? I thrift the majority of my clothes, and if I’m not thrifting, it’s usually the sale rack.

Is there a specific reason that you choose to shop at thrift stores? I just think that there’s more character to the clothing. I don’t want to say there’s better variety because there’s a lot of junk in thrift stores, but there’s more of a hunt. I like that you get to go search for your style rather than walking into American Apparel or Urban Outfitters where it’s all laid out for everyone to get the same thing.


How has your style changed over time? I would definitely say I’ve become more individualistic and just audacious with my style. When I was younger in high school, I would try water down my style to blend in with the crowd. After a while, I decided I didn’t care anymore and just started dressing the way I wanted. In college, I’ve been experimenting with gender roles and female clothing.

Do your studies influence your fashion at all? I would say so. I’m really interested in music and film and the two together. Being a journalism student and DJ for the school radio, I’m always inspired by how music can inspire fashion or vice versa and especially within films. I really want to discover that more within my major and once I’m graduated wherever I work.


A glamour shot requested by Christian himself.

What role overall has fashion played in your life? It’s played an incredibly big role. I think fashion is the key to a person. The first thing you see about a person is what they’re wearing. There’s all sorts of icons like Grace Jones or Debbie Harry or even more current icons right now like FKA twigs who just created niche, stylistic formations of themselves.

If someone wants to experiment with their style, what advice would you give them? I would say don’t be afraid of colors. I feel like a lot of people are afraid of colors and looking too crazy or out there. I’m literally out here in corduroy bell bottoms right now, so obviously people are going to look at me. You just have to not be afraid that people are going to be looking at you. Yes, people could be looking at me right now thinking, “what the hell is he wearing,” but they could also be thinking, “wow I want to be him.”


Words and photos by Brooke Harman, @brooke_harman


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