Name: Kate G.

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Salem, Oregon


How does your fashion sense relate to your lifestyle? I think my lifestyle is pretty adventurous, and my room is eclectic, so I feel like that’s how I dress most of the time.

Who is the biggest influence on your style? Is it bad if I just say Wes Anderson? I really like the aesthetic of his films, and I try to model my room off of that, so I feel like it kind of influences the way that I dress, like color palettes and all.


What are your closet staples? I highly value comfort and my Patagonia.

If you could choose any food to represent your style, what would you pick? Ooh… Street tacos. The colors, the flavors: I think they all kind of go with my style. I also really want tacos right now, so that’s where I’m at…


What inspired the décor of vintage national park cards? I always try to bring back pieces of where I’ve been like maps and postcards so I can look at them and be reminded of the good memories there. I think that the national park movement is pretty inspirational. I’d really like to visit more of them.

IMG_2497What has been a favorite adventure? That’s a tough question. I think one of the greatest adventures was going to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington. It’s very laid back and diverse. I feel like it’s a time capsule from “Moonrise Kingdom,” yet still modern. It’s such an awesome place, and I’d highly recommend visiting.


What inspired the outfit you’re wearing now? Well, I’m studying. It’s comfortable, but also kind of cute, so yay!

What artist would best represent your fashion sense? Lord Huron.


Words and Photos by: Lindsey Epifano, @lindseyepifano

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