Name: Jesse F-B

Major: Family & Human Services

Minor: Special Education

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Sisters, Oregon

DSCN9967 (1)

Jesse wears a number of second-hand items passed down to her by family members and found thrifting.

How would you describe your style in one word: Funky.

Where do most of your clothes come from? I’ve found most of my clothes in thrift stores. I rarely buy from corporations because they’re too expensive and not unique enough. There are enough clothes on this planet.

She wears a jacket that she found at a thrift store on Hawthorne Street in Portland and a Pendleton purse, which was passed down by her mom.

How do you think people should dress? I think people should dress in whatever they feel most themselves in. I don’t judge anyone I see walking around. I think clothes are a great way for people to express themselves without having to talk.

DSCN9996 2

Jesse wears her favorite Dansko shoes, which she found at S.A.R.A, a cat adoption center that doubles as a thrift store.

On a typical day, how long does it take for you to get dressed? I usually leave around 15 minutes for myself in the morning to put on clothes and drink coffee if I have an early class. I hate waking up early, so even minutes are valuable

If your house was on fire, what things would you grab before escaping? My beloved cat, Molly, and my photo albums.

DSCN0030 (1)

The tree and moon tattoo on Jesse’s upper wrist symbolizes her family members as trees being protected by the moon. “All of my tattoos have significance relating to my family,” she said. “We’re all really close and I’m about to get a matching tattoo with my brother.”

Why did you choose to major in Family & Human Services? In high school, I found a passion in working with children. I was always hanging out with the kids instead of doing homework or classwork in my upperclassmen years. After I knew what I was passionate about, I started applying for internships and finding more opportunities. My passions continued into college, where I found my focus in special education.



Her mom gave her the purple turquoise ring, a stone that’s specific to an area in Nevada. Her dad gave her the opal ring with Irish Celtic knots around it that represent her heritage.

Why do you like turquoise? Most of my turquoise jewelry has been passed down to me from my mom. I think she owns a lot of it because she has worked on an Indian reservation for the past 10 years and she has an interest in Native American culture.

Do you think your style represents the PNW? I think so. I’m not really sure what category the PNW fits into, but I wear a lot of denim, which I think kind of fits.

IMG_3826 2 (1)

She mostly wears moonstone and opal because it is her birthstone and the stone she is most drawn to. She did most of her piercings herself before her sophomore year of high school.

What’s a fun fact about your style? In my sign language class, the trait people chose to characterize me by in my sign name had to do with how many ear piercings I have (8).

DSCN0044 (1)Words and photos by Kelly Tanguay, @tanguaykelly

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