Name: Haley E.

Major: Communications

Minor: Music

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California


Haley wears her favorite pin jacket, a T-shirt from Urban Outfitters and her “Portland pants.”
What inspired your outfit today? I found these pants in Portland, and I call them my “Portland pants” because they were in a little vintage shop in downtown Portland. I totally built this outfit around the pants.
What would you say your everyday style is? My friends dub me as a “downtown hipster,” like someone you’d find in a local coffee shop.
When do you feel at your most confident? When I’m wearing my black Dr. Martens and a leather jacket.
Are there any clothing item that you have in multiple? I have so many pairs of black jeans and SO MANY striped shirts. It’s ridiculous.
Is there any fashion trend that you hate? Crocs. Period.
Have you noticed differences in how you dress since you started college? Yes for sure. Sometimes I try to put together more mature outfits, especially for seeing professors or doing “adult things” like paying taxes or bills. I’ll look at my outfit and ask, “does this look like a high schooler or an adult?”
unnamed (1) Haley uses her favorite pin jacket as a way to subtly express herself and her views.
A lot of people say they like to feel “comfortable” and “confident.” What do those words mean to you? Not too tight or constricting, but something I know looks good on me. I have this perfect Goldilocks pair of red jeans, which aren’t too tight and aren’t too loose. I feel so confident because I know they look good.
Are there ways in which you conform to or rebel against what you think others want you to wear? I like to gender bend what I wear! I like being able to wear “men’s clothing” and still rock them when people want me to wear dresses. I’d rather wear men’s trousers because that’s what I’m comfortable in. It’s taken me a while to dress for myself and not what other people want me to wear. I wear clothes that I want to wear and not clothes that I’m “supposed” to wear. I feel more comfortable wearing clothes that are more “boyish.” I used to go along with the trends, but now I find myself escaping that!
If you had to wear the same outfit every day, what would you wear? Black skinny jeans, my Dr. [Martens], a black and white striped shirt and a jean jacket.
Is there one piece in your wardrobe that stands out to you? My pin jacket from a thrift store because it’s meaningful to me.
 These black Dr. Martens, which her best friend gave her for Christmas, are her favorite shoes.
What drew you to your field of study? I know that I want to work in the media and entertainment industry, I like connecting and communicating with people. Music is one of the most important things in my life, and I know I want to work in that industry because it’s the most intriguing to me. I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life.
Do you think your area of study influences how you dress? Yeah actually! I’m in the social sciences, and it’s more of a liberal area of study, especially right now. I don’t dress super “conservatively.”
What do you plan to do for a career? I would love to work in the music industry! I want to be a producer or an agent. I just know I want a record label. That would be the dream!
Who do you dress for? Myself. Completely. If I get dressed up, it’s because I like what I look like.
Do you prefer to always shop alone or with others? Why? Alone. Then it’s up to my own judgement what I really like, and I don’t feel rushed.
Words and photos, Hannah Neill, www.hannahneill.com

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