Name: Bethan T.
Major: Romance Languages (Spanish and French)
Year: Freshman 
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
 Bethan sports her favorite band tee and ripped black jeans 
What inspired your outfit today? Recently I’ve been inspired by “skate culture” in my fashion. I’ve been wearing my red high top Vans a lot, as well as this shirt that I got at the Growlers concert this past March and my black ripped jeans.
What drew you to your field of study? I have always had an affinity for language, and I’ve been studying Spanish since third grade. I enjoy the cultural connection you gain from foreign languages. I’m also fascinated by the breadth of literature that is opened up by it. It’s also just a great way to connect with other people.
Her red high top Vans sneakers stand out in the Oregon greenery.
What would you say your everyday style is? I would describe it as minimalistic and Scandinavian.  I like to pay homage to London street style. That translates to a monochrome palate and modern silhouettes, meaning I like to play with shapes and colors in my fashion.
When do you feel at your most confident? When I’m dressed to the nines in a party dress and heels!
Do you notice what others are wearing? If so, what do you notice? I’m always paying attention to what everybody else is wearing. I definitely pick up on trends that I see. If someone’s wearing an outfit I particularly like, I think how I can incorporate part of it into my own wardrobe.
Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple? I have a ton of black jeans and neutral colored tees. I also have a ton of hoop earrings, so many hoop earrings.
Is there any fashion trend that you love? I love silk camisoles with standard T-shirts. It’s a cool juxtaposition of textures.
Is there any fashion trend that you hate? I hate chokers. They’re not for me.
Have you noticed differences in how you dress since you started college? In high school, I was confined to a strict dress code, so in college I felt a lot more free to experiment with clothing and to flatter my body rather than trying to hide it.
 Her western-style belt is from Topshop.
If you had to wear the same outfit every day, what would you wear? A plain T-shirt, mom jeans, black Chelsea boots and hoop earrings.
Is there one piece in your wardrobe that stands out to you? I have a white button-up that I call my “Picasso shirt” because it has these linear faces on it. I got it for $9 at a thrift store. 
What do you plan to do for a career? I have no idea, but I want to incorporate languages, writing and women’s studies.
Words and photos, Hannah Neill,

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