Name: Taylor S.
Major: Human physiology
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
How does your lifestyle affect how you dress? I live in active wear, mainly because I love feeling like at any time I can walk to the gym without having to change.
What is your favorite part about your style? My favorite part about my style is that I can put together a lot of simple and color coordinated outfits that complement my style. I like pieces that aren’t too bright and flashy, but still have cute accents, like the strappy bra I’m wearing.
What do you like most about exercising? My favorite part about exercising is how it can be an escape from anything going on in your life. If I’m sad or angry or stressed out over exams, I know that I can go to the gym and just forget about my issues for a little bit.
Do you feel that workout clothes empower you? Yes! Workout clothes empower me by making me feel confident. For me personally, I feel like workout clothes fit my body better than a dress or jeans would.
She sports Nike Air Max shoes.
What’s your favorite article of clothing? Probably my white Nike Air Max running shoes. Not only do they feel like you’re walking on a cloud but they’re also extremely stable. They give you a great foundation for any workout.
How many pairs of running shoes do you own? Six! I wear my Nike Free TR 6 shoes in white the most often. I have a thing for white running shoes! All my shoes are white.
How do you feel when you wear “normal” clothes? Wearing “normal” clothes is always a struggle for me. I’m not as comfortable throwing on jeans and a shirt as I am putting on leggings and a workout top. The only time I am confident wearing normal clothes is if it’s a special occasion and I’m able to find a new outfit that flatters the parts of my body I’ve been working on in the gym!
Her watch is the Nike Apple Watch Series 2 and her Claddagh ring is a promise ring given to her by her boyfriend. 
What’s your routine? I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning, not on purpose. I just naturally wake up at that time for some reason and have a cup of lemon water and half a cup of oatmeal. Then I make my way over to the gym and start with a 15 minute warmup run followed by a 30 minute body-weight circuit training. After my workout, I drink a half scoop of protein powder. Sometimes I work out twice a day, which is really bad.
Are there ways in which you conform to or rebel against what you think others want you to wear? I feel like a lot of girls that are fitness-focused feel like they have to look cute at the gym. I’m more of a “throw on a big T-shirt, put my hair in a bun and head to the gym.” I don’t feel like I have to look cute to workout.
A lot of people say they like to feel “comfortable” and “confident.” What do those words mean to you? Comfortable to me is something that I feel like I can lounge around the house in but also feel good about myself in. Confident goes hand-in-hand with comfortable: something I feel that flatters my body well and that I’m not nervous to wear in public.
The matching sports bra is also Lululemon. 
Do you have any advice for people who want to work out more, but can’t find any motivation to do so? Setting really small goals for yourself helps! If you haven’t worked out in a month, try working out once. Set little, achievable goals because once you start achieving those, it’ll just motivate you more to keep setting bigger goals for yourself!
Do you ever lose touch with your motivation? If so, how do you regain it? Of course I lose motivation! Everyone does. I think it’s a normal part of everybody’s fitness journey. I find myself losing motivation when I set goals that aren’t achievable. For instance, I’m not a big runner. I wanted to be able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes, and when I tried to do that, I failed (it took me 36 minutes!) After that, I didn’t try again and lost my motivation because I didn’t think that goal was achievable. To get back on track, I just have to set goals I know I can achieve within a month or two and keep reminding myself that it takes time to get stronger/faster/more in shape!
What do you want to do for a career? I want to be a physical therapist for children. Right now, I am pursuing a career in fitness training just to prepare for physical therapy.
Words and photos, Hannah Neill, www.hannahneill.com

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