Name: Patrick G.
Major: Business Marketing
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
Patrick sports a  Patagonia flannel and a Ralph Lauren T-shirt.
What do you love most about your lifestyle? I think I’m a pretty easygoing person, which really helps with meeting new people and connecting really quickly with them. I like being able to share a passion with like-minded people who love the outdoors. It always brings a smile to my face.
What is in your backpack? My backpack is a Patagonia 60-liter backpack/duffel bag. What I bring depends on the adventure. If it’s at a waterfall, I’ll pack more water gear. For example, I would bring Tevas, a dry bag to keep anything that can’t get wet in and a poncho just in case. When it gets a bit cold out, I’ve got my Columbia Jacket, which is one of my favorites. My mom bought it for me when I was in sixth grade, and I still use it! It’s been on a lot of adventures. I keep anything you could possibly need for any situation in my backpack. This includes: Counter-Assault Bear Deterrent, a tarp, a hatchet my grandpa gave me, Planter’s trail mix, Nugo bars, Nature Valley bars, beef jerky, Meals Ready to Eat, a fire starter kit, three pocketknife multitools, my Nikon D3300, Mechanix gloves, an Eno hammock, a Princeton Tech headlamp, Bicycle playing cards and a Hydro Flask.
No backpack is complete without a plethora of carabiners! Patrick uses them to attach gear (such as his red Hydro Flask water bottle) to his Patagonia bag.
What inspires you to go outside? My father inspires me. He’s a wildlife biologist who surveys spotted owls and endangered species. I used to go on trips with him out into the woods at night to find owls. He took me fishing when I was in preschool, and ever since, it’s been a thing that we do together. He’s the one that really pushed me to get outside.
How does the way you dress influence your lifestyle? It depends on the adventure. If I’m doing a medium difficulty hike, I’ll wear more casual dress like my 14th and Union boots and a T-shirt for Weekend Tee, which I’m actually an ambassador for, as well as jeans. If I’m backpacking. I’m wearing Keen boots, North Face lightweight breathable pants and a lightweight flannel from Columbia. For my everyday style, I wear Vans high tops, khakis, and a plain T-shirt.
Patrick loves watches, and his favorite is his blue and white striped Debon. Always by Patrick’s side, his Nikon D3300 camera is his prized possession.
What’s the most memorable adventure you’ve ever been on? My most memorable trip was going to Falls Creek Falls in Washington. My friends and I thought we could get to the falls pretty fast after a blizzard hit. We thought it would take us an hour to do the whole trip, which would give us time to leave before the next blizzard hit. We were wrong. It was three miles to get to the trailhead, and once we got there, it was 1:00 p.m. This was when we had to make the decision on whether to turn back or keep going. We were extremely underprepared but decided to keep going anyways! We made it to the falls an hour later and hung out there for 30 minutes. The weather forecast said that a blizzard would hit around 2:00 p.m, and you bet it did. All three of us felt like we were in “The Revenant.” We could barely see where we were going, the wind and snow just pelted our faces. We found one pair of snowshoes buried in the snow on the way there and just took turns using those. Keep in mind we were walking through knee-deep snow with no visibility. We told our parents we’d be back by 2:00 p.m, and the light started escaping from us. We ended up getting back by 4:00 p.m. It took us forever to walk through the snow, we just sunk with every step. I was the only one who brought water. Between the three of us, we had half a power bar and a Nugo bar, both of which were frozen. So to sum up the story, if you aren’t prepared enough and you have a gut feeling, stick with it and save the adventure for another day!
Patrick tips his hat, a souvenir from his spring break road trip to San Fransisco.
What is one gear item you can’t live without? I guess it has to be my camera. I’m always the one that documents the journeys of my friends and me. A camera has been by my side since 5th grade.
What are some local hikes you’d recommend to people in the Eugene area? Spencer’s Butte and Mount Pisgah are awesome. If you have a car and a day, check out Proxy Falls or Silver Falls State Park.
Do you meet a lot of new people because of your outdoor lifestyle? Instead of going to a lot of parties, you bump into a lot of people being able to go on a lot of hikes and take photos. These sometimes turn into friendships and business. It’s a lot of fun. It’s like going to a party and meeting people but out in the wilderness.
Patrick sports his favorite 14th and Union boots, scuffed up from his various adventures.
How long have you been into photography for? I have been seriously into photography for about two and a half years now. I mainly started out with video back in 5th grade doing stop motion animation with lLegos. By 6th grade, I started downhill skateboarding, which got me into filming. That eventually shifted into doing more photography too.
Who got you into photography? My father got me into photography. I got a camcorder in 5th grade which sparked my creativity to get my first point and shoot camera. I always wanted to be like my father, since he has been doing photography for so long. We’d go on hikes together and I would learn a lot from him.
Many photographers like to say they have a specific “style.” What’s yours? My style is “lifestyle” photography. Although, most people know me for my videos before I got into photography two and a half years ago.
Patrick carries anything he could possibly need in his Patagonia bag.
What challenges in photography do you often face? It’s hard when people ask for a photo shoot and expect it to be free. I’ll tell them my prices, and they just back out of asking and stop responding. I just want people to understand that I cannot just work for free. Another challenge I face is finding new and interesting poses for my subjects to do.
What are some ways you can continue to grow as a photographer? Some ways I can keep growing as a photographer are to keep traveling and making more friends along the way. I like to go on hikes or road trips, and if I see someone with a camera, I’ll usually go up to them and start a conversation. I love meeting new people so I can learn new tips and tricks from them. Everyone has a different style they specialize in, and it’s fun to learn from them.
Words and photos, Hannah Neill,

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