Name: Cassie H.

Major: General Social Sciences

Hometown: Carnation, WashingtonDUDClosetCulture_Cassie2.jpgWhat does fashion mean to you? Fashion is the one way I feel I can express myself consistently. It’s something that inspires me to stand out rather than blend in with the rest of society, which the hermit in me sometimes wants to do because it’s easier for me to go unnoticed. I’ve also found that when I look good, I feel good.

What kinds of things influence your fashion choices? Nature, the weather, and living vicariously through the rad girls I follow on social media doing their things across the world. I think that girls dress to impress girls.

DUDClosetCulture_CassieDo you try and match your room designs to your style? Not purposely. I’m naturally attracted to statement pieces that usually end up creating a clash of fun aesthetics in my outfits and in my room, which seems to “work.”

DUDClosetCulture_CassieFullRoomWhere are your necklaces usually from? My necklaces are usually from MECCA, the materials exchange I volunteer for. We get endless donations. I usually appoint myself the job of sorting through any beads or jewelry which may seem tedious, but pays off when I get first look at the gems, which I set aside to buy for myself. I’m not sure how I continuously justify spending money there every time I’m working even though I’m not getting paid. But, I do feel good supporting local businesses. 


Which ones do you wear most and why? Most of the time I fall asleep and wake up with all my chains on, skin indented from the random collection of pendants, charms, etc. that hang from them. I enjoy toying with them when I am feeling anxious. I wear them because they represent me and make me feel comfortable. 

What are three words you would use to describe your style? Funky, fresh, hobo-chic.



How do you make some of your clothes? I’ve been collecting vintage shirts from thrift shops, which I either bleach dye or ice dye. Ice dyeing is a different kind of tie-dye where you wrinkle the clothing item and then cover it strategically with ice. After the entire shirt is buried, you can scatter dye on the top. The trippy effect is created when the dye melts into the ice over time.

Do you plan on selling them or making your own company? Yes. I’ve created a business that should be up and running and ready to take customers soon. I will be selling my one-of-a-kind vintage finds that have been styled by yours truly. I’ll make a post on my Instagram (@casstingspells) as soon as it’s up.




When you are shopping, what items are you drawn to? I’m usually drawn to anything with quality material. (I get stuck in the men’s section just feeling the silks and collared shirts.) I tend to gravitate towards anything that is sheer, sparkly or checkered.

DUDClosetCulture_Cassie14Where do you get fashion ideas from? I’m not sure, but they never seem to run out. I am continuously surprising myself and adopting new styles. My memory is terrible though, so sometimes if I see something I want to reference for festival outfits for example, I’ll snapshot it and add it to my “inspo” album on my phone.

DUDClosetCulture_Cassie12What is your favorite article of clothing? My favorite article of clothing is a floor-length, vintage Chico jacket I thrifted in Bellingham. Two of me could probably fit in its entirety… Oh and four beers fit in each pocket.


Words and Photos by: Kelly Tanguay, @kellytanguay 

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