Hometown Love

If you ask someone where they’re from, you’ll receive a wide spectrum of answers. They might tell you their ethnic background and cultural heritage; they might list off family members who raised them or grew up with them; they might answer poetically with colorful, vivid strings of words; or they might tell you, simply, one city. Four University of Oregon students explore where they’re from and how their environmental and cultural upbringings inspire their senses of fashion and reflect their hometowns.

Name: Danielle Leblanc

Major: Cinema Studies

Year: Junior

Hometown: Sherwood, Oregon


What is your favorite part of Sherwood? I like the festival we have every summer, the Robin Hood Festival. I like things that are themed, and I always imagined that if I ever was on “The Bachelor,” that’d be my hometown date. That’s the part that I’d show off. It’s not even that fun, but I think it’s cute because of all the archery-themed hats, and people have fake bows and arrows. It’s literally only two days long, and people just sell stuff. The food is really good, though.


Name: Delainey Garland

Major: Journalism

Year: Junior

Hometown: Los Angeles, California


What kind of styles come out of Los Angeles? I think one really cool part about LA is that there isn’t a genuine fashion sense. Of course there are guys and girls who are influenced by pop culture and all have a similar style, whether that be the typical Brandy Melville look or the older American Apparel vibe, but I think the cool part about LA is that most people are their own trendsetters. Entertainment is so influential in LA, and there’s so many different kinds of people.


Name: Srushti Kamat

Major: Journalism

Minor: History

Year: Junior

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Grew up: Singapore


What statements do being from Mumbai and Singapore make? I think that there is a third culture kid in the world. You grew up where your parents didn’t grow up, or you grew up in a place very different than what you know, and you kind of just create your own world. A third culture kid is going to be the future. The statement is that, “I’m a third culture kid, and I do what I want, when I want, and I adapt to whatever styles are me.”


Name: Rachel Weir

Majors: Cinema Studies and History

Year: Senior

Hometown: Atlanta


Would you recommend a visit to Atlanta? Definitely. It’s growing so much right now… so maybe I shouldn’t tell people to come. Maybe I should keep it a secret. But no, it’s awesome. It’s really spread out, and because of that, there are different neighborhoods that have their own quirks, so you can find your place and kind of know everyone in that area, and it feels like a small town within a big city.


Written and Photos By Miranda Sarah Einy, @mirandwa

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