After dark

One of the first things you notice when watching Bizio DJ is his tongue. It’s strange that the pink muscle found in his mouth acts as his conductor stick. With his mouth open and tongue out, Bizio puts on an unintentional show for his audience. Being distracted by a person’s tongue movements may not sound like the best form of entertainment, but being distracted by Bizio’s tongue is. It’s like the muscle is a mini-person dancing along to the different beats being played. His tongue moves first, and then a change in sound follows.


DJ Bizio

Aside from his tongue, the energy Bizio brings to the stage is one filled with love. His passion for the music he plays is obvious when he DJs. He’s constantly smiling and sometimes even singing along to the samples. His concentration is clear by the way he focuses on his monitors.

Bizio has been a DJ since 2014, his freshman year of college at the University of Oregon. Initially, he was more interested in the psychedelic trance genre, but in his freshman year, he stumbled upon Kerri Chandler, a house music producer from New Jersey. Bizio worked his way up the ladder and eventually became known as a house DJ in Eugene. Some of his biggest influences are Chandler, Ooana Dahl, the Desert Hearts Crew, Raja Ram and D-Nox.


While Bizio’s music and tongue are plenty enough to draw attention, his fashion choices are also unique. Recently, he has been wearing a large, wire-wrapped pendant (as seen in the pictures). It’s actually his friend’s piece. He’s been doing it “so that his friend’s good energy can rub off on him” and so that his own “can rub off on the pendant,” which will eventually be returned to his friend. Bizio says, “doing this symbolizes our friendship and protection.” The pendant’s main stones contain topaz, fire opal and garnet.

Bizio typically represents two kinds of fashion– heady, style that includes interesting patterns and symbology, or business casual, depending on the venue he is booked with. “My father is deep in the fashion industry, so I try to blend his upscale fashion sense with my heady style,” says Bizio. “Most of all, I try to be unique: I guess you could call me ‘Un-Nico.”


The other article he wears most is his Luna Lobo sweatshirt. Luna Lobo Creations is a clothing company that produces one-of-a-kind items made from recycled clothing and upholstery that is sourced from all over the world. Bizio bought his first Luna Lobo sweatshirt at What The Festival?! in 2015. He “fell in love” and went back to buy a vest. He had the design from one of his favorite hat pins — exhibiting the sacred geometry symbol of Metatron’s Cube — commissioned onto the vest, “which he always wears,” and sides of the hood.

The tattoo on Bizio’s forearm is his only piece of body art. He got it in 2014 after “a lot of strange things happened” in his life, which then seemed to “come full circle.” He realized that “the entire planet is connected by energy, and the movement of that energy is in the pattern of a full circle. Anything you put out into the universe will eventually come back to you in some way.” That’s what the flower of life — his tattoo — means. Bizio has now found that the flower of life also holds meaning with regards to his DJ career.


As his DJing progressed, he found himself playing more “mainstream” music. This last summer, he “made the conscious decision to shift back toward playing the music he loved.” He began playing gigs that he enjoyed. He worked harder, and that work paid off.

Bizio now plays alongside some of his favorite producers and DJs and even got to meet Ooana Dahl, one of his biggest inspirations. Bizio stays humble by reflecting on his definition of what a DJ is: “A real DJ is just a person who has been blessed with a time slot to move the story of the night along,” says Bizio. “A real DJ is a storyteller.”


Words and Photos by: Kelly Tanguay, @kellytanguay 

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