Katie F.

Name: Katie F.
Major: Art
Minor: Business
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sutherlin, Oregon
Instagram: @katieannfugate98



Katie’s shirt is from Dutch Bros Coffee, which she cut into a crop top.

What inspired your outfit today? 
A leather skirt and a crop top is my go-to casual look!
What would you say your everyday style is?
I would say Urban. It’s hard because some days I want to wear heels and other days I just want to throw on my vans, my style varies depending on my mood!
Is there any fashion trend that you love?
I am super into the 70’s trend that’s coming back right now!
Is there any fashion trend that you hate?
I hate those shoes with the fuzz ball on the end! Anything furry is just not my thing!


She rocks her favorite pair of checkered Vans.

If you had to wear the same outfit everyday, what would you wear? 
I love sneakers of any kind and I love to dress them up, so probably sneakers and a cute

How do you think fashion has affected your life?
I am obsessed with fashion. Everywhere I look it’s there, and it describes people. I think
without it we would all be boring and we’d have no style. It’s like a piece of someone’s
personality that you can see.
Is there one piece in your wardrobe that stands out to you?
I can’t say there’s just one. I try to buy things that are unique and not everyone would
Do you follow any blogs or have any style icons that inspire your style?
I follow a million blogs! One of my favorites is Amber Fillerup. She’s a lifestyle/fashion
blogger and she also has her own hair extension line called Barefoot Blonde. It just
blows my mind how successful she has gotten since she started blogging!
What does your tattoo mean?
My sisters and I all have the same tattoo. It just reminds me that they are always there,
and our bond is something I’ll cherish forever.


Katie’s tattoo says “give me strength when I’m standing & faith when I fall.” She and her sisters all have matching tattoos.

What is the significance of your necklace?

My family and I have always tried to go to church, but things get busy and we weren’t
always successful. A few christmases ago my sisters surprised me and got me this cross


The cross necklace was a Christmas gift from her sisters.

What do you love most about your style?
I love how versatile my clothes are! One day I can be comfy and casual, and the next day I can be super dressed up.
Tell me about your fashion blog!
Trend 136 hasn’t launched yet, but I’m so excited to show it to the world! Basically I just
photograph a weekly outfit (sometimes more) and write about it! I also love hair! I’m
inspired by braids so I’ll probably have some tutorials. I’ll also tell you where to score all
the clothes I wear! I’m trying my best to make the clothes affordable! Definitely go check
it out when I launch it.


Katie loves wearing her fashionable silver hair in a messy pony tail.

What season of fashion is your favorite?
I like fall style because sometimes it rains, but sometimes it’s sunny. It’s a mix in
weather so it gives me time to wear a little bit of summer clothes and winter clothes!
What aspects of your life influence the way you dress?
Most of the time it’s my mood that plays a part in what I wear!


Interview and Photos by Hannah Neill.

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