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Hannah Steinkopf-Frank studies journalism and international studies. She is no longer a teen, but her favorite magazine is Teen Vogue and she still thinks that ponchos will make a comeback. She describes her aesthetic as a middle school art teacher on sabbatical. When she is not spending late nights studying in the library, she enjoys taking photos at concerts, jamming with friends and staring at people for too long because she likes their shoes.

Twitter: @hsteinkopffrank

Instagram: @hsteinkopffrank

Website: www.hannahsteinkopf-frank.com


Photo Editor

Miranda Sarah Einy is double majoring in journalism and cinema studies. After college, she sees herself moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles to achieve her dream of a passionate, prosperous career in the film industry. Miranda’s style is inspired by her mom’s elegant, classic taste mixed with the bold masculinity of Alexander McQueen.

Twitter: @mirandwa

Instagram: @mirandwa

Blog: youandeye.tumblr.com


Managing Editor

Melissa Epifano is a journalism major and is focused in magazine writing. Her interest in writing and fashion started from a young age and hasn’t stopped since. Color is somewhat nonexistent in her closet, and she prefers a minimalistic, neutral-toned look. Melissa spends most of her time reading the Living section of Vogue and shopping for clothes.

Twitter: @melissaepifano

Instagram: @melissaepifano

Website: www.melissaepifano.com


Writer and Photographer

Taylor Griggs studies journalism and is known for being slightly neurotic in what she hopes is an endearing way. She is usually seen looking for something. She owns a lot of books that she hasn’t read. Taylor’s aesthetic is haphazardness, but she occasionally pulls herself together to create a chic look, and then repeats it very frequently. She may be the human version of an exclamation point. She always wears tights, because she frequently gets cold. Check her out on

Twitter: @taylorjgriggs

Instagram: @taylor_griggx


Writer and Photographer

Kendra Siebert is aiming to channel her interests in photography and writing into journalism and/or advertising majors. She enjoys meeting and creating with new people and hopes to experience many new opportunities abroad in the future. As a native Portlander, Kendra can be seen busing from food cart to food cart, often while wearing her denim jacket (equipped with PDX carpet pin), mom jeans and funky socks.

Twitter: @kendraesiebert

Instagram: @kendra_siebert

Website: 503kendra.weebly.com



Social Media Manager

Katherine Dean studies advertising. A classically-trained ballet dancer, Katherine can be seen trying to rock a “workout chic” aesthetic in-between general education and ballet classes. Most of her wardrobe consists of simple, clean pieces the lie somewhere on the gray scale. Katherine prides herself in making others laugh and coming up with witty captions for her Instagram pics.

Twitter: @katherinicole2

Instagram: @katherine1213

IMG_4580-1 (1)

Writer and Photographer

Lindsey Epifano studies advertising. She has a passion for photography, design and expressing herself through a classic, sophisticated fashion sense. When she’s not dressing up, she can be found dressing down to enjoy the stunning Oregon outdoors with her trusty jar of almond butter, of course.

Twitter: @lindseyepifano

Instagram: @lindseyepifano




Kate Morgan is from a surf town in Florida and came to Oregon to experience seasons other than summer and study advertising. If you see her around campus, she will most likely be listening to music and walking alarmingly fast. Her style can be described as ever-evolving but always including a minimalist vibe, neutrals and pops of colors that are either light pastels or intensely rich jewel tones. She always wears her staple ring that is made out of a quarter from the 1950s. In her free time, Kate enjoys making herself the DJ at parties – at times by force – attempting to write poetry and expressing her truly profound love for Cardi B, avocados, makeup and Young Thug. She is also excellent at helping her friends text their crushes.

Twitter: @k8morgan_

Instagram: @k8morgan_



Writer and Photographer

Hailey Woram is studying advertising. She’s from the Bay Area, so she tries to incorporate a San Francisco-esque style into her wardrobe. Her style changes with the day, but you will almost always see her wearing black skinny jeans. Her favorite things to wear are pins and patches from various stores. She loves to eat and jam out to tunes with her friends.

Twitter: @hworam_

Instagram: @hworam

Bio Shot

Writer and Photographer

Alex Jacobsen is majoring in journalism and minoring in digital media. She loves a good hike and green tea. She adores all things teal, and she has more dresses then any one girl should actually own. She has a passion for photography and fashion with most of her inspiration being drawn from the unique stories of people around her. Her hope is to write for a magazine or be a wedding photographer, and she would love to do both.

Twitter: @al_jacobsen

Instagram: @alex.elise!


Brooke Harman is majoring in journalism and minoring in women’s and gender studies and is originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can often find her sporting one of her various turtleneck sweaters and Dr. Martens. The aesthetic she aims for is the under-appreciated best friend to every ’90s show protagonist. When she finds free time, she likes to spend it curating Spotify playlists, obsessing over her dog and reading.

Instagram: @brooke_harman

Website: brookerharman.com

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